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micro macram jewelry tips and techniques for knotting - micro macram jewelry tips and techniques for knotting with beads joan r babcock jeff w babcock on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers this informative guide teaches you the essential knots and techniques of micro macram and cavandoli knotted jewelry clear step by step instructions along with useful tips will inspire the beginner as well as the more advanced knotter, knot just macrame by sherri stokey hints tips for micro - want to take your micro macrame pieces from so so to wow there s only one rule you have to remember neatness counts that s it that s the whole secret to great looking beaded macrame jewelry, important macrame terms free macrame patterns - important macrame terms important macrame terms is the second page of the macrame dictionary below are descriptions of the unique words and abbreviations used in macrame starting with the letters m z, macrame how to tie basic knots make chains braids - macrame is an ancient craft used by fishermen not only to practice their knots but to pass the time the same knots are used to make a variety of beautiful items learn how to start knotting today, back issues vol 049 to 085 video tutorials a series - back issues vol 049 to 085 video tutorials a series color recipes on this page you can 1 purchase back issue videos that you don t already own and 2 access the back issue packages that you have already purchased back issues vol 001 to 024 vol 025 to 048 vol 049 to current, diy friendship bracelet honestly wtf - start by cutting several strands of embroidery thread at about 24 inches each make sure there are two sets of each color combine the threads and tie a knot leaving at least 3 inches of slack tape it to a flat surface or safety pin it to a pillow separate the two sets arranging the strands in a